Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Sweetness of Faith

Assalm alykom:
The Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him) said: There are three qualities that if a person has them, they will taste the sweetness of faith. These three qualities are:
1. A person must love Allah and His messenger more than he loves anything else.
2. A person hates to go back to disbelief as much as he hates to be thrown into the Hell Fire.
3. A person loves another for the sake of Allah.
I used this hadeeth to create a really great writing assignment for my students. I told them that if they could taste the sweetness of faith, what would it taste like. They needed to write me one paragraph describing what the sweetness of faith would taste like. To give you an idea of what to expect from the writing, most of my students wrote that it would taste like a sweet they liked. Most of them put some type of cake, ice cream or candy. However, some where very creative and descriptive about it. These students stood out from the rest with creativity. This assignment would probably be good for grades starting out at 6th and up. It takes a little more maturity to relate food with something that we cannot touch. Therefore, it may be difficult for a student below that grade. I thought that this assignment really caused them to reflect on how wonderful faith really is for a person. Faith is compared to the taste of something sweet, and I think that most all children love anything sweet! Let me know how some of your kids do with this prompt!


UmmMohammed said...

Assalamu alaikum,

Could we see some samples of student work?? Please share! (Anonymously, of course)

Um Nour said...

Assalam alykom Ummohammed:

I am so sorry, but I did not save any of my students' work. I always returened it to them. For the most part, the great ones used alot of adjectives to describe how faith would taste. They descibed a particular food that they loved. It was done so well, I could taste it while I read it. Their word choces were exceptional. I hope this helps.

Um Nour

Rika said...

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