Monday, June 04, 2007

A Garnet Bird

Assalm Alykom:

I am adding a new label for my blog and it is nature. I have continually loved nature in my life. I have lived in many places. Where ever I have lived, I have always been in tune with the nature around me. I can usually name every animal, bird, and insect that lives with in 100 feet of my home.

I grew up in rural Indiana and now live in suburban South Florida. My rural home was filled with many types of birds, field mice, deer, fox, and wild geese flying over for migration. I even witnessed the monarch butterflies landing by the millions on the mulberry trees of my neighbor.

Florida has different nature that I needed to learn. I found many water fowl that I had never seen before. I also have found many animals that are not native to Florida, but are able to survive and thrive here. I have captured with my camera many animals that live around me and, I hope to share them on my blog soon.

This picture of a beautiful ruby red bird is that of the male cardinal. Here you will find more statistical information about this wonderful bird. The female looks the same but she is a grayish brown. I took this picture in my backyard. These birds are very common all over the United States. You can attract them to your backyard with a bird feeder and common bird seed.

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Mustafa said...

Thanks Sister. I was getting in to this blog from another website where i search for a rss feed for topic Allah. This picture looks Good.and the wonderful flowers! Awesome Masha Allah.