Thursday, June 14, 2007

Burrowing Owls

Assalm alykom:
Next to our masjid, I found these adorable little owls. They are federally protected birds. The area where they are at have federal signs around it indicating that it is a crime to bother them. Here is more specific information about them.
Finding these owls was such a treat because I had just read with my sixth grade class the book Hoot. I will give you my impression of the book. First of all, it would be appropriate for grade 5-8. The story was great! It was about environmental protection of the owls and really anything in nature. It was funny and very entertaining. However, the book did use some inappropriate language. This really surprised me because it had won so many literary awards for children. I suppose if you white out the words or just explain to your child that this is bad it would be better. One thing I did like about it, that I found was lacking in most novels for that age was "love scenes". Even in the curriculum reading books at school, there were too many stories with that. This book was absent from the male- female attraction scenario. I purchased along with the book a teacher's guide. It was really informative and had great lessons. It had fun ways to teach vocabulary, it contained tests, integrated science and social studies, it also had writing assignments.
If I snap some more pictures of the owls, I will upload them, Inshallah. They are very close and easy to snap, but they blend in with the ground so they are hard to see.

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