Thursday, April 24, 2008

Decorated flower pots

With a little of my assistance, My 5 year old and three year old daughters made these. We tore small pieces of floral printed tissue paper. We took these piece and used Mod Podge. We just applied the Mod Podge onto the small pieces of paper until we covered the pot. The next day I hot glued lace and beads onto them. I had some wild flower seeds that we planted inside them. The turned out so Victorian. The girls just loved them. They are so excited because the seeds are already starting to grow.

Vintage Tea Cup Pin Cushion

I made this from a small vintage tea cup. I glued the tea cup to the saucer. I made the cushion part from an old vintage crewel embroidered pillow. I even put a steel wool piece in the top to keep pins and needles sharp. I glued an old vintage butterfly pin to the handle. The I glued ric-rack ribbon and small paper flowers on to the edge. I made vintage pins from old buttons that I glued to the top of the pin heads. I have made this for sale on Ebay,
If it sells, I think I will try to make more. They are alot of fun to make.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Grass Heads

Assalam alykom:

This project has been in the crafting world for along time. We did this a few months ago. Once the grass started to grow, my kids cut really wild hair styles. My son cut his in a mohawk. My one reccomendation would to make the heads smaller. Our heads were huge and heavy and the little plastic cup kept tipping over and making a mess. We should have used a bigger cup or smaller head. It was fun and the kids love them!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

In Touch with the Creation of God

Assalam Alykom:

I have always instilled in my children to have a keen sense to what God created for us. I absolutely love and find pleasure in the nature outdoors. This love has spilled over into the hearts of my children. We love to take walks on trails or parks. It always takes a while because they find bugs, intricate leaves and flowers that they would like to preserve. The following pictures are from walks we have taken recently and trips in the car when we have been out running errands.

This picture was taken on a walking trail near our house.

On this same walking trail, my children spotted a nest of worms weaving their nest in a tree.

Tulsa had a frightening ice storm a few months back. There are many trees fallen through out the city. On the walking trail, there is no exception. There are creeks running through this walking trail and one area had a great deal of fallen branches. I spotted one branch down by the water were a beaver had obviously munched on it. We could see were the dam was, but we never saw the beaver.

Every weekend, I go to garage sales and estate sales looking for things to sell on Ebay. While stopping at a yard sale there was a squirrel moving very slow across the road. From far away, it looked like it was carrying a toy football. As it got closer, the kids and I could see it was a baby she was holding. Of course, I had to attempt to take a picture of it.

Another yard sale stop, the lady had beautiful tulips blooming. I asked to her permission to go into her yard to snap some pictures. I really adore tulips.

The colors are just breath taking!