Thursday, April 24, 2008

Vintage Tea Cup Pin Cushion

I made this from a small vintage tea cup. I glued the tea cup to the saucer. I made the cushion part from an old vintage crewel embroidered pillow. I even put a steel wool piece in the top to keep pins and needles sharp. I glued an old vintage butterfly pin to the handle. The I glued ric-rack ribbon and small paper flowers on to the edge. I made vintage pins from old buttons that I glued to the top of the pin heads. I have made this for sale on Ebay,
If it sells, I think I will try to make more. They are alot of fun to make.


Anonymous said...

So pretty masha-Allah!

Celeritas said...

I love this pin cushion and I love your pins, did you end up selling them. I would really love to buy some pins and the pincushion from you if they are available, please email me from the link in my profile if you would be interested.