Monday, June 18, 2007

Baby Gifts

Assalm alykom:

I had a couple of friends having babies, and I made these for them. They are so easy, and they look so personalized. To make these, you just need to get onesies and bibs that have no decoration on them. For the onesies that are painted, I just used fabric paint in squeeze bottles. The paint is air dry and very easy to use. It is also washable. For the items with crochet, I used bedspread weight thread. For the lace, I crocheted a single crochet right onto the t-shirt and bib. Then the second time around, I used different stitches to make the lace. For the flowers and the balloons, I crocheted them first and then I sewed them on.

In Arabic, this one says: "I love my mother"

This one says in Arabic: "I am the beloved of my mother"

This one says in Arabic :"I love my father"

This one says in Arabic: "I love my mother"

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Safa said...

Masha Allah!! You are talented! I made a tshirt for my 2 month old son saying...

50% Egyptian +
50% Canadian =
100% Muslim

I like the blue crocheted balloon one. Wish I could crochet. Ummmm....well.....maybe it's better that I don't know how.....!!!!!