Saturday, June 10, 2006

So, what does a homeschooling mother do over the summer?

Assalam alykom:

Since I am in K12, I have the summer off from school. That means time for me to do all the things that I say I never have time for because I am homeschooling.

After the school is finished for us,
we take a family vacation.
The passed two years we have
gone to Gatlinburg ,Tennessee. We rent a cabin and stay in the mountains. Here is a view from our cabin. The kids really enjoy it. There is the Smokey Mountain National Forest. You can spend days there just walking through the trails and endless waterfalls.

Here is one of the water falls that we saw.

After vacation, the next thing that I do is clean out our study room. I throw out all the old papers,broken crayons,dried up markers without lids and reorganize the room. The next thing I do is began to organize my house and do the deep cleaning. During the school year, there is really only time for surface cleaning. The last thing that I do is try to find time for myself. I love doing crafts. I usually take the summer as an opportunity to do my craft projects. I hope to be posting them over the summer. Many of them are kids crafts. As far as the studies for my children, they work in more detail with my husband on their Quran, Arabic, History and Islamic Studies. I am having them work on their multiplication tables. There is not much time to work on these during the school year. I am also having them write letters to a pen pal. I think this is good to keep up their writing skills. In Shallah, I will be posting my crafts soon. So, keep checking back.


UmmYahya said...

Asalamu Alaikum --

I pray you truly enjoy your summer, I know your whole family has earned it with all the hard work during the school year! Just wanted to comment on working on the multiplication tables with a comment from my kids math teacher (a very experienced math teacher). She told me that she drills her 4th 5th and 6th graders with simple single digit problems (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)and holds a competition toward the end of the year between her older grades and the 1st graders in the school. She has learned that as the older kids work on more advanced math skills they tend to forget the basics and the kids learn firsthand how much they have forgotten because the younger kids usually beat the older ones, both by time and number correct.

banu said...

assalamu alaikum ummnour,
Alhamduillah...i know how hard you work with your kids. Insha Allah I hope you enjoy your time off from the busy schedule.
ma salaama

heidi yacine said...

Asalam alaikum sister, i wish also a lovely holidays, you must have some energy to home school your 4 children i would love to do it but don't seem to have the patience, i'm new to islam having only converted 4 years ago i pray daily but don't wear scarf on my head but i do cover up, i teach my twin girls to pray with me, i just wish there was more islamic schools out there, living in edinburgh, scotland there isn't any, but i do my best, my husband is french, algerian so he teaches them arabic and that helps them quite alot teaching of the koran, i just would like to know were to get the school books for home schooling muslim children, that would be wonderful to know. Sister Heidi

Um Nour said...

Assalam Alykom Sister Heidi:

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am really not sure about buying books in Scotland for homeschooling. However their are several homeschooling Yahoo groups. I think there is one for the UK. You might try joining and asking a few questions about that. I am in the USA and can only speak for things here. I think that it is great that you husband has the time to teach your girls the religion. Keep up the good work.