Monday, June 26, 2006

Before and After

Assalm alykom:

I good place to get wooden things to paint is at garage sales or thrift stores. Many times you can find good quality sturdy pieces for very little money.

This first piece I found was only $1.50 at a thrift store. Since it was painted blue, I had to put several coats of Kilz primer over it to cover it up. Here is the before shot:
After applying several coats of primer, and then letting it dry, I just painted it white. Then I painted designs and the Arabic Alphabet and numbers. My girls love it when I put Arabic on their things because they feel it is specilized to them. Here is what it looked liked when I painted it all.

This next piece also only cost $1.50. It is a very handy shelf. I liked it because it is a large shelf and has knobs on it to hang things. I also had to apply several coats of kilz to paint it white. Here is how it looked before I painted it.

I painted it white after that and then painted the designs on it. Here is how it looked when I finished.

This last piece I found at a garage sale for $2. There was two of them and I got both of them. This was the best find because they where already primed. So, all I had to do was paint them. I painted the girls names on them in Arabic and they again really loved that. This one is a smaller shelf, but it also has the hooks for hanging all their little girl things.

Here is the close up picture with their names. So, next time you pass a yard sale in your neighborhood, do not pass it up you may find a useful item to paint!

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