Sunday, April 30, 2006

Ants and Cheerios

Assalm alykom:

You might be perplexed by my title in this entry. You are probably already asking yourself: "What is the connection with ants and Cheerios?" Well it starts with a little riddle I read the other day. So, here it goes:

What do ants use for hula-hoops? See answer below

Answer: Cheerios

I thought this was just the cutest little riddle. Only a mother who has ever had toddlers would find this funny. I have four children and the oldest is ten now. Therefore, I have been carrying in my purse in a ziplock bag Cheerios for the last ten years. Oh my, they have changed over the years. There is the plain flavor, the honey coated flavor, the frosted flavor and the newest one is the yoghurt covered. There is one problem with this flavor and that is, not all the cheerios have the yoghurt on them. Therefore, my children pick all the yoghurt covered ones out of the ziplock bag and eat them first. I think Cheerios is one of first finger foods that all my children had tried. It is quite amusing watching them try to pick them up. Their little fingers just fit into the hole perfectly. As they get older they go from eating one by one with their finger to just grabbing them by the handful and eating them. I even found a nice little activity with Cheerios to do with my three year old. I gave her a nice long piece of yarn and she made a Cheerios necklace. Then her and my two year old daughter had fun eating it. This created a slight little break so I could teach my older children. Are Cheerios a staple in your family like mine?

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sakeena said...

As'salaamu Alaikum...I thought that was the cutest also, and yes cheerios is a staple in my home...ok I will admit I eat them and then sometimes i borrow children :O) too.