Monday, April 10, 2006

A Prophet of Allah is in the news

Assalam alykom:

For the past few months, Our beloved Prophet Jesus has been mentioned on the nightly news frequently. The first controversy that came about was the Davinci Code. It is a book with a different account about the life of Jesus than what the Bible states. It became a bestselling novel and is soon to be a newly released movie. There is another controversy about this book. . There is different author that wrote a similar book, and he is suing the author of the Davinci Code for plagiarism. This story gives yet another opportunity for the media to mention Jesus.
Last week ,I saw another piece on Jesus. There is another book out called the Jesus Papers. This author claims that there is proof that Jesus never died on the cross. I found this interesting because we as Muslims also believe that he never died on the cross. However ,the claim in this book is that he was hung on the cross and then removed before he died. We as Muslims believe he was never even hung on the cross at all.
Also, last week The National Geographic did a piece on the Gospel Of Judea. Apparently, this is a lost text that scientist are piecing together after it was found. It is supposedly shedding some light on this disciple of Jesus. It is stating that he was not actually a betrayer of Jesus as the Christians believe.
With all these accounts in the media about Jesus, we Muslims should be brushing up on our knowledge about him. This subject gives us a perfect oppurtunity to give dawah . I think most Christians probably do not even know that we recognize Jesus or any other prophets mentioned in the Bible,for that matter. For starters, we can go to the Quran and know what Allah said about Jesus. Here is another nice tool for dawah.

This lecture was given to an MSA:
1. Jesus in Islam A
2. Jesus in Islam B

The invitation was for the general public. Therefore, most of the people in the audience are not Muslim.

Be aware of what the Media is saying about Jesus. That way you can be prepared to tell someone what Islam says about him.

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