Monday, April 17, 2006


Assalam alykom:

My daughter just finished studying in Science the life cycle of the butterfly. It is truly an amazing process that this creature endures. I think SubhannAllah, how it starts as an egg, then a caterpillar, then it goes into this strange cocoon, and then emerges as the beautiful butterfly. I absolutely love butterflies. They are truly an exquisite creature that Allah has created. Here are a few websites that give a good explanation of the life cycle:

I can remember, when I was a young girl, living in rural Indiana, I had the opportunity to witness the migration of a group of monarch butterflies. They flew in one evening just before the sunset and covered several mulberry trees on my neighbors land. You could hardly see any leaves on the trees. It was if all the leaves had turned orange and where walking around. They looked exactly like this picture. It is surely a site to see if you are so fortunate. The monarch butterfly is a fascinating creature, and here are a few sites to give more detail about its life and habitat:

This one has a nice little movie where the butterfly emerges from its cocoon.

With all this inspiration of the beautiful butterfly, I decided to write a poem for my kids that went along with what we learned.


Butterfly, butterfly

High in the sky.

Allah created you a beautiful creature.

He made you different from many other insects.

You are made with a metamorphical feature.

Butterfly, butterfly

High in the sky.

You start your life as an egg, carefully placed on a leaf.

After you hatch, you emerge as a caterpillar and you eat and eat.

Alhamdolilah, this stage of your life is a time that is only brief.

Butterfly, butterfly

High in the sky.

You wind into a silken thread, so hidden from those who see.

You are happy in your small tight little bed.

This is how Allah made you to be.

Butterfly, butterfly

High in the sky.

You sit in this thread called a cocoon for only a limited time.

You push your way out of your silken world, to become a butterfly.

Your flying above the trees, not as before where you had to climb.

Butterfly, butterfly

High in the sky.

Your wings give you the beauty that you contain.

They are liked colored glass that I can see the sun shining through

I love watching you in my garden passing each flower again.

Butterfly, butterfly

High in the sky.

I pray that Allah keeps you an enjoyment for me.

I hope you will visit my garden, so I will not miss your flight.

I praise Allah for creating you making your beauty for all to see.

Here are some fun websites theat are also related to the butterfly:

This one I really enjoyed:

This is a general site full of a great deal of sites on butterflies:

I hope everyone enjoys this information on the butterfly as much as we did!


Banu said...

assalamu alaikum Ummnour,
Alhamduillah, so far we opened one website. Yes indeed it is amazing to see Allah's (SWT) creation. I am hoping to view the other sites later insha Allah. Riyaadh is really having fun since he is reading books on butterflies.

Heather said...

Salam A'alekum Sis,

I think your Buterfly poem is really cute, keep up the writing!

Love and Hugs,
Sister Heather