Monday, March 20, 2006

The Reality of Death

Assalam alykom:

It was Sunday morning and my husband just received a phone call that a dear sister in our Islamic community has fallen ill. She is in a coma and in critical condition. We were outside as he is telling me the news. I can hear the birds singing their morning tunes, but my mind is drifting to this shocking information. I am stunned, I just saw her two days ago at the masjid. Her conversations with me that evening, delightful as usual. Apparently, she had an aneurysm in her head on Saturday night as she lay sleeping. She was rushed to the hospital where they hooked her up to all the life saving machines. She laid there for two more days until the doctors determined that she was brain dead. Now, it is Monday evening and they unhooked her from the machines. The impact of her death on our whole community was felt that day. She left behind two teenage boys and a husband of twenty seven years. The reality of death set in for most of us in our small circle of Muslims. She was someone who was health conscious. She was only in her late forties with no serious ailments. It just goes to show us that Allah is the decider of our fate.
No matter how substantiated we are in living healthy and prolonging our life, Allah is the one who plans when our death will actually arrive. There is an old saying that I know. "Live your life as if everyday will be your last day" As Muslims we should remember this. We get all caught up in to the fast paced world ,and we forget about the "other world". That is the world of the life in the grave.
With the realization of death through this sister, it became a reminder for us all. Many of us where talking about how frightening it is that you may go to sleep at night and never wake up. However, Allah gave us benefit in dua. So there is hope for our fears. There are certain dua you say in the morning and evening. There are also certain dua that you can say each night before you sleep.
The sadness of my dear friend's family must be intense. Therefore,I pray that Allah grants ease to them.

"To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return"


rayhana lisa said...


Reading this post reminded me of a post I had written a while back..

We just never know when our last breath is.. and I must admit sometimes I forget, Astaghfirullah..
May Allah protect us, ameen.

Sakeena Salahuddin said...

As'salaamu Alaikum,

I truly felt the sting of my dear sisters sudden call from Allah. We forget that Allah(swt) has numbered every breath that we take in this life. I also remember greeting my dear sister the day before her sudden illness, her face was so clear and she appeared to have a glow. Her smile lifted my spirits as we chatted for she had just started her short vacation. I love our small but close community and it seems that Allah(swt) has brought us more sisters mash'Allah. I remind you as I remind myself to take the time to remember Allah. For this may be yourlast moment before the Angels come to accompany your soul as you take yourlast breath. May Allah(swt)give our sister good in the next life. My dua for her family, to stay strong, call upon Allah to aide you during this time. We all feel your loss for we loved her so very much.

From Allah we came and to him we will return.

Nadia said...

assalamualaikum umnour,

Inna lillaahi wainna ilahi raaji'oon.

May we all die as believers. Ameen.


~Aishah said...

Assalamu Alaikum,

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajoon.

"If you survive till the evening do not expect to be alive in the morning and if you survive till the morning, do not expect to be alive in the evening." [Saheeh al-Bukhari vol.8, p.284, no.425]

"Live in this world as if you are a stranger or a traveler." [Saheeh al-Bukhari vol.8, p.284, no.425]

May Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala grant our Sister Jannah and accept our duas on her behalf. Amin.


Anonymous said...

Inna lillaahi wa inna ilayi raaji'oon.

Jazaakillaahu khairan foir the reminder ukht. Much needed.

banu said...

assalamu alaikum Ummnour,
Alhamduillah I know I am late with this post..still trying to recover from the passing of our beloved sister. Insha Allah may Allah(SWT)make it easy for her in the grave.
ma salaama