Thursday, March 09, 2006

Islamic Parenting

Asslam alykom:

We live in a time and place of demoralization,values deterioration, and severe desensitization to wrong and right.

Two main reasons are as follows:
1. Lack of adequate and correct methods and standards to raising children to be good men and women.
2. Excessive freedom. Personal freedom in many cases becomes the license to be immoral.

Personal freedom in many cases becomes the cover under which hide all kinds of evil. Promoters of immortality under the cover of protecting personal freedom want us to believe that the immoral practices people do as long as it does not affect you directly, it is not of your business. This could be one of the biggest lies of the 21st century.

This lie is in direct contradiction to the Torah, Injeel and most importantly, the Quran.

7:164 {When a group among them said, why do you admonish a people whom Allah is about to destroy or to punish with a severe punishment? They responded, to be absolved before your Lord and maybe they will protect themselves from Allah.}

3:131{You are the best nation that came to humanity, because you enjoin in good and eradicate evil and believe in Allah.}

The affect of immorality is like contamination in the air. Believers must speak out against evil practices. We as Muslims, still preserve a higher level of morality and values than the other classes of the society. We still have a mighty challenge ahead of us. That is to raise our children to be pious men and women in an arena of moral and theological chaos.

This introduction was taken from the study guide for the Parenting series available at

You can listen to the audio for these very important lessons here:

Parenting Workshop
by Abunour
1. Parenting Models


Banu said...

assalamu alaikum Umm Nour
Alhamduillah I had an opportunity to be present at all these workshops. Yes indeed I learnt alot and it was very enjoyable. May Allah(SWT) continue to give this brother wisdom insha Allah.
ma salaama

sakeena said...

As'salaamu Alaikum

Jazak'Allah for bringing this to the forefront. We most certainly have an obligation to enjoin good and forbid evil. To be role models for our children. To rightly guide them. How can one expect the child to follow Islam if we are not practicing ourselves. If the child see a deficency in us they may disregard all that we try to teach them. I recommend that we practice fully as we try to guide our families. May Allah(swt)guide us all to the straight path. ameen.

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Irving Karchmar said...

Salaam Alaikum Dear Umm Nour:
May I commend to you my book, Master of the Jinn: A Sufi Novel, a mystical adventure tale on the Sufi path of Love. I think you'll like it. It contains neither sex nor violence, and is a tale of Allah's love and mercy. It would make a good home schooling book.
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Ya Haqq,


Um Nour said...

Assalm alykom Brother Irving:

Thankyou for replying to my blog. I do not think that your book would be of iterest to me or my readers. I do not follow the path of the Sufies. My manhaj is the way of Prophet Muhammad and the generation that followed him and the generation that followed after them.

Um Nour

Islam4Parents said...


Very beneficial post and excellent website. JazakAllahu khair for sharing.