Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Assalm Alykom:

I think crayons are a top staple in the journey of homeschooling. The young and the old find uses for them. My older children use crayons to color maps for History, label bone parts for Science, or just to draw and color. If you have toddlers like me, you will find that they use them too! They may have them for an afternoon snack. They may also draw you a beautiful mural on your living room wall or your dining room table. What ever the age, there is a use for crayons. However, do you know how they are made? I did not until I read this.

There are alot of projects and ideas for using crayons. Here is an article that I came across that had a number of good ideas in it. The article is called Crazy for Crayons.

One of the most original ideas for crayons has to come from Crayola. They even have a section for Islamic Art

Do you have alot of broken crayons? Well, with my toddlers and their activeness, I have alot of these. Well, if you do too, do not throw them away. Here are some ideas to recycle crayons.

I hope you find this post helpful in using your crayons!


Um Ibrahim said...

cool info, thanks.

Anila said...

thanks for the links on recycling them!

CarolinPalestine said...

Assalaamu 'alaikum,

I liked the Crayola page, but had to laugh at the Arabic calligraphy page! They had the picture upside down and all the letters were upside down. Obviously the person who made the page didn't do the activities suggested!

Um Nour said...

Assalam alykom Carol:

You know that is the first time I noticed that there was even Arabic Calligraphy. You are right. It is upside down. That was to funy when I saw it.

Um Nour