Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Turtle

Assalm alykom:

Before I left Florida, my family and I went on a small camping outing. A friend of ours owns a large piece of land with a nice lake on it. My husband and this friend have taken the kids before. They camp there, hunt and fish during the day. This is the first time that the wives went with. The first day we arrived it was a nice day. We set up our camp right by the lake. You can see how beautiful it is in the picture. As we were setting up the tent, I saw this turtle from far away walking from the woods to the lake. He was moving pretty slow, and I cannot run so fast. However, he was slower because I caught him before he reached the lake. He was really heavy to carry back to the tent area. My kids were so thrilled with him. Everyone wanted to pick him up and touch him. We eventually let him continue his decent into the lake.

After our adventure with the turtle, the kids went to gather sticks and wood to prepare a fire to cook with. As they were bringing the sticks, little scorpions started to scamper on the ground. They were inside the wood pieces they brought. They were like a transparent brown. This was the first time I had seen a scorpion that was not in a zoo,book or on Animal Planet. They were really neat. The kids were pushing them around with sticks. Well, the outing was alot of fun. It rained all night. It actually stormed. We survived and left in the morning due to the rain. The kids were disappointed because they wanted to hunt a deer in the early morning. We returned in the afternoon after the rain. We fished a little and caught nothing. The kids did target practice with the bee bee guns. Overall it was a great time!

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