Sunday, February 03, 2008


Assalm alykom:

I have done a great deal of moving over the last twenty years. I feel like I am kind of an expert at it. I have moved on a small scale from apartment to apartment. I have moved on a large scale where I needed a moving company to move a whole house full of furniture. I have moved overseas and was down to two suitcases per person. This last move was across the states. This is quite a distance and would be costly to move everything. We sold all of our furniture and was just down to books, clothes, toys, kitchen items and a few miscellaneous sentimental stuff. If you have to do this kind of move here is some companies and places that I advise to make it easier. We used a moving company called U-pak. You pack the truck and they drive it to your destination. This way was better than U-haul. First, we did not have to drive a truck 1200 miles and it was less expensive. The company was very polite and came through with all of their promises. For selling all of my furniture, and for buying it all over again, we used free-cycle and Craigslist. We sold all of our funiture in Florida through Craigslist, and what we could not sell, I gave away in free-cycle. Now, we are in Oklahoma, and we are buying through the same way we sold it. My last bit of advice for those who have to move, do not keep too much stuff, "Less is better!"


ummluqman said...

As salamu alaikum sister

You left the ocean :( I moved from CA to PA 4 yrs ago and I miss the ocean. Staring at it makes you realize the power Allah has. (sigh)


Kawthar said...

Salamu aleykum Sister,

It's a wonderful job you are doing, alhamdulillah! How do you manage to raise four children, cook for them, homeschool them and do all the household duties? Barakallahufiki!

Um Nour/Hollie Moore said...

Assalm alykom Umm Luqman:

Thanks for the post. I do not really miss the ocean yet. Before we moved here we rented a vacation condo on the beach for about 2 months. It was right on the ocean. The ocean is really noisey. The waves are so loud. I think I prefer the quit country and seeing snow to Florida and the ocean. I hope I am right

Assalm alykom

Um Nour/Hollie Moore said...

Assalm alykom Kawthur:

As far as manging the house, it is not perfect. When you homeschool, do not expect a clean house and the best dinners. Something has to give somewhere. Homeschooling is time consuming and your house will suffer. Once you realize this and ecpect it, you do not feel so stressed about it. I also get my kids involved and I make them help me a bunch.

Assam alykom

Anonymous said...

Asalaamu-aleikum Sis,
Mashah-allah, your move went well? I did not realize that you had moved out of FL. My kids have only seen snow a few times here in GA and it melted by late afternoon, I understand the excitement though. I love all the practical details about moving that you have given as advice. I have always wondered about using Craig's list for stuff like that. Although I have gone to one wonderful yard sale that was advertized on it.

Anonymous said...

As salaam alaikum,

I'm a mover myself and have always done it alone. As we speak now my whole house is packed and ready to move. Would have sent a photo but don't know how.