Wednesday, December 07, 2005

He is a poet and I did not know it

In the k12 curriculum, we are working on poetry in the composition section. They have a workbook called Writing in Action. They have the children do several exercises then they have them do the writing. I think writing is the most dreaded thing for children to want to do. This workbook makes it somewhat fun for them. I am really impressed with it. It really teaches the child to become a good writer. This last lesson was making a metaphorical poem. The lesson had them go through and think of different metaphors. For example "The night sky is like.........My son put a monster" Another example is "A traffic light is like.........My son put a boss" From one of these examples my son had to write his own poem. Here is what he wrote:

The Car Boss
The traffic light is awake day and night
It thinks that it is the governor
It does not let the cars go any further
It stretches out its big hand
to stop the cars from passing her land


Heather said...

Salam Alekum Sister Nour,

This poem of your sons is really cute and creative. Tell him a muslimah sister of yours said to keep up the good work and that he is really talented.

Love and hugs,
Sister Heather El Khiyari

Um Nour said...

Assalam alykom Heather:

I really appriciate your comments. I thought the poem was also very creative. I do hope he keeps up the good work!

Um Nour