Friday, December 02, 2005

Having a Little Fun

"The Prophet Muhammed said that smiling in the face of your brother is Charity."

Homeschooling can be strenuous at times, therefore maintaining a little fun and laughter is essential for it to have success. Here are some fun things that happened to us this week.

My seven year old daughter came up with this cute riddle:

Where do flowers sleep?
Answer: A flower bed Ha, Ha,

My three year old daughter has this story: We were doing a art project involving painting. Of course my three year old was involved with the whole process. After we finished we went to eat lunch. While we were sitting at the table my three year old proceeded to tell her father that mama said a bad word today. I asked her, what did I say? She told her father that I said the word "Paintbrush" and that was a bad word. Well we were all laughing so much but she was really serious. Well, I am very careful now when I say "paintbrush" around her.

This week my son had to write a silly poem for his composition. He did a really nice job. We all laughed a little with this one.

The Robber

A hen went looking for food.
She was so rude.
She went past the gate.
She took a fisherman's bait.
She went to the beach.
She took a man's peach.
She went to a roof.
She took a horse's hoof.
She went to the moon.
She stole a balloon.
She went to a person who sings.
She stole his rings
Then she ate all those things!!

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