Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Hajj.............. a poem for help with writing

The K12 cirriculum has the children starting with cursive writing in second grade. My son complained that he did not want to practice each day. They had him practice each day with phrases and sentences . I did not care for what they had him write. Each day I would find a joke or a riddle and made him write this. He became excited about it and was more eager to learn a new joke. When the Hajj season came I sat and wrote for him this poem. Each day I would have him write a line or two. Well my daughter is in second grade this year, and I will have her write this

coming up soon. Inshallah this poem is something you find helpful in homeschooling.

The Month of Hajj is soon to come

To Mecca the people will begin to run

Around the Kaaba they will make Tawaaf

Then, to Arafat they will be off

On Arafat the people will stand

Then the next day Eid Aludha will begin

In the Eid morning together we will pray

Then the rest of the day it is eat, run, and play

Now it is off to Moozdelifah where the pilgrims will stay

Their stop in this place is until the next day

The next place is Mina where the pilgrims will go

At this stop is the Jammrah and pebbles they’ll throw.

The tenth day of Hajj for the pilgrims is busy indeed

But for the rest of the Muslims it is the Eid.

The pilgrims are busy to Mecca they return

They have the hopes that all of these good deeds they will soon earn

One of these acts is sacrificing a sheep

Then they will trim their hair with still the hope of good deeds to reap

Again the pilgrims will make Tawaaf

Then running between Saffa and Marwa they will be off

On the 11th day of Hajj back to Mina they will go

For the next three days at the Jammrah they will throw.

The Hajj for the pilgrims is coming to an end

They are hoping that Allah accepted it all from where they began

There is one more thing that the pilgrims must make

It is seven more times around the Kaaba for Allah’s sake

Back to their lives the pilgrims return

Hoping Allah accepted all that they earned


muslimbychoice said...

Asalaam 'Alaikum:

What a brilliant idea! My daughter is not ready for this now - but I hope I will remember it when the time comes. What an excellent way to have them enjoy what they learn!

Asalaam 'Alaikum,
Sumayyah Umm Sadiqah wa Asma

Anonymous said...

salaams UmNour, Alhamduillah I am trying again. As I was saying with all the zips and zabs you are indeed truly blessed with the ability and patience Alhamduillah. May Allah(SWT) continue to make it a success insha Allah.
ma salaama. Banu

Anonymous said...

assalamolikum, I was searching the web and I came across this post, what a well written poem, mashAllah! I don't know if this is going to reach you since I'm about only 5 years late to comment, but if it does reach you, I work with an Islamic kids magazine in North America. It's called Companion and is a part of the Muslim Children of North America organization. If you like, you can e-mail this poem or any other pieces of writing by your children (with their name and age) to and we can publish it! This is not my personal e-mail address, so please make sure that is the only information you are sending! Wsalam.

Anonymous said...

Alsalam Alaykum,
I am a teacher and an Islamic educater in Ottawa, Canada. I came across your blog on my search for new ideas for my yearly hajj workshop I run in different places in the city. Your poem inspired me for a great addition to my workshop. Inshallah I will be using it , and may Allah SWT reward you for sharing it.