Friday, January 02, 2009

Fancy Bird Feeders

Both my 5th grader and my 1st grader have studies of birds and making feeders. Well, here is our idea. I visit local auctions where I live. At these auctions, they sell everything by the box load. Therefore, I usually have a few treasures that I do not want or need. So, we made bird feeders from them. The first two feeders, we painted a hard plastic bowl, glued some buttons, and stenciled some teapots. We glued the bowl on to a glass vase using Hard As Nails Glue. Lastly, we used the same glue to put it on a fence post near my pasture. So far, I am glad the glue is holding up to the fence post, but we still have not seen a bird. The bottom feeder was a little more complicated. We uses to glass candle stick holders, a vase and a piece of pvc piping. We glued the first candle holder on to the vase. We then glued the pipe and then another candle holder on top. The way we mounted the candle holders, allows them to be like cups to hold the seeds. The pvc pipe, we coated with peanut butter and than seeds. Again, there are no birds, but they look nice on the post.


Umm said...

assalamu alaikum... Could it be that the glass is too reflective and thereby scares the birds away? Think about farmers wanting to get rid of crows- they use CD's or reflective items to startle the birds and keep them away.

If you don't see birds coming for food (and yet you see birds in the area), you might have to put a matte finish on the glass with paint or paper. Otherwise, maybe add a bit of shelter for the birds?

Anonymous said...

MashAllah, what creative talent you have as a mother and a teacher. Give thanks to Allah! InshaAllah, may Allah continue to bless you and your family my sister. xoxo