Saturday, October 31, 2009

The pumpkin patch

Assalam alykom:
Here is another field trip we took. It was a local pumpkin patch. Here is the link for it.
It is quite a place! It has animals , rides, and of course pumpkins! My children had a great time!

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Anonymous said...


Masha'Allah, I'd read a while back on your other blog, but, can't seem to find it now. That you've all moved to a farm, masha'Allah.

Congratulations! It must be such a wonderful and relaxing envirement for you all masha'Allah tabarak'Allah.

Congratulations again and
I ask Allah to bless you and your family in your new home and to make it beneficial for you and a source of many blessings for your whole family. Ameen.

Kindest regards,

Umm Abdulrahman