Monday, March 12, 2007

Mutual Mercy

Assalam alykom:

Imagining yourself standing before Allah and He says to you, "I was sick but you did not visit Me."

Is that possible? What would you say?

To find out, listen to this about mutual mercy.

This Khutbah was taken from I hope it is as uplifting to you as it was for me.


Anonymous said...

assalam alaikum warahmatullah ya ukhti,
jazakumAllah khairan for the beautiful reminder.
fi amanillah,

Um Nour said...

assalm alykom:

It was such a reminder to me too! I could not wait to share it on this blog. I am so glad you liked it.

Um Nour

Anonymous said...

That sounds a lot like what Jesus said not Allah.

banu said...

assalamu alaikum ummnour,
Alhamduillah....hope you and your family are doing well. I always listen to Abu Nour's lectures alone. Alhamduillah for this article I was fortunate to listen to it with my whole family masha Allah. It was so refreshing and inspiring. May Allah(SWT) help us to increase our knowledge insha Allah.
ma salaama

Um Nour said...

Hello to the poster that mentioned Jesus. We as Muslims believe that Jesus, Moses, Noah, all the prophets were messengers of Mercy. This includes the Prophet Muhammad too. Allah means God in Arabic. Therefore, God by all means is the One and Only with all of the Mercy. As a matter of fact, the first page of the Quran(the Muslim Holy Book) says in the name of God the Merciful, the Mercy Giving. I do hope you read more about Islam. You will be surprised at the similarties to what you already believe. Thanks again for posting on my blog.

Um Nour