Monday, January 08, 2007

Recycled Art

Assalm alykom

In school, my son had a science project that was to create a sculpture from recycling items. He decided that he wanted to make a car. Here is what we used:

4 Computer CD's from the mail
1 Juice bottle
Popcicle sticks
1 soda pop can and the tabs from the top
Cardboard pieces from a cereal box.
Kilz Primer
Acrylic paint
Silicone Glue
Tissue paper

We primed all of the pieces with Kilz primer. Then, we painted each piece. Finally, we glued all the pieces together and added some detail with glitter. I always say that I love trash to treasure projects. This was a truly great craft in the trash to treasure catagory! I think I had as much fun doing this project as he did.

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Umm Layth said...

Those are just so cool, masha'Allaah!