Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tip #3 Multiple Children

Assalm alykom:

Here is a great helpful tip for those of you who have multiple children. If your children are between one and two years apart in age, you can combine some of your subjects. As many of you know, I teach from the K12 virtual school . The K12 school recommended that I teach some of the subjects at the same grade. They also said I should take the higher grade on these subjects. I started this in first grade. The subjects I decided to combine were History and Art. I could have combined Science too. However, I did not feel that my daughter was ready for the higher grade in that subject. At the time, there was a great deal of material involving measuring in the metric system. I did not think my daughter could skip a grade in that. Now, we are doing third and fourth grade. Teaching the History and Art at the fourth grade level saves me a good deal of time. I would recommend any of these subjects to combine with your children. Math and Language Arts would not be advised unless one child is more advanced and could just skip a grade. I find that any amount of time saved in homeschooling is a real valuable treasure. I hope that I have helped you achieve some of this value in your school.

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Anonymous said...

Walaikum Asalam ,
This is a great tip , especially for me , I teach a second and fourth grade level and its good to combine the subjects a social studies & science ,if they are on the same level,which they are.I have 4 kids ,and it does save time.