Thursday, July 06, 2006

Jesus and The Da Vinci Code

Assalam alykom:

The Da Vinci code brought Jesus to the mind of millions of people worldwide. The book sold 40 million copies and the movie made millions in the first day alone. Churches worldwide are presenting their versions of decoding the Da Vinci code. For Muslims, this is a golden opportunity to present what Allah says in the Quran about Jesus. You can read more about what Allah says about Jesus in the Quran here.
Here is a couple of questions related to the Da Vinci code that a person might ask himself or herself. "Was Jesus married?" If he was married, how would that affect a Muslims' belief in him? Listen to these beneficial lessons on this very subject from


Anonymous said...

dear sister, thanx for sharing the information about the da vinci code. i was just wondering if there is way i could save it n listen to it without a internet connection? can u mail me the mp3 format of this talk plz? this is my email add:
jazakillah khair

Truth Seeker

Um Nour said...

Assalm alykom Truth Seeker:

I cannot email the mp3 file. However if anyone would like to support this dawah effort the lecture is available on CD.

It is only $5 for one CD. You can find the link here:
Thank you for your comment. I hope this was beneficial.

Um Nour