Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Google Earth

Assalam Alykom:

This is my latest find for homeschooling. It is Google Earth. I found it to be a highly prized asset to homeschooling. In the history for my children, we are studying Asia. In particular, we are concentrating on the country of China. The children just learned how the Ming Dynasty ruled China for many years. They also just studied the Forbidden City, which was built by one of the Ming emperors. Here is a view from the Google Earth of the city. The satellite picture is amazingly clear. It is exactly the printout that came in the kids history. Have a look:
After downloading the program,(which is free by the way). The kids and I have been thinking of all kinds of places we should visit. Here are some of the places that we have been to so far.

The City of Chicago

Niagara Falls, Canada

The Grand Canyon,USA

The Pyramids of Egypt

Basically, it is a 3D view of the planet. It is interactive in a way which makes you appear that you are flying to each place you are searching. Many of the places have a 3 dimensional look to them. Not all places are so visible. For example, I tried Mecca and Medinah, and they are very blurry. Back on the subject of China, I also tried the Great Wall of China and was unable to locate it. It is fun to look up your own house. The kids and I did this too. You just put your street address and the Google Earth will fly you there. I encourage you to download this program if you can. I found it to be very educational, fun and exciting at the same time.


Anonymous said...

Assalamualykum we did the same, my husband came across it and showed us, first we did the find each families home, as ours is pretty much spread out all over, alhumdullilah. then we tried finding other interesting places. but since then haven't used it much as dd is only 3 an half. though she does like to know where granma/ or cousins etc live!

interested reader said...

al salam alaikum-

I just came across your blog. Could I email you privately regarding homeschooling? Your blog is making me re-think this as a possibility...I dunno...but I have some things I'd like to ask you, if you don't mind?

Um Nour said...

Assalam alykom:

To the interested reader you can email me at umnour1@yahoo.com. I would be happy to help.

makdom said...

Assalamualaikum. Good blog, anyway I got 'google earth' sometime back and yes it is very interesting. I look at it almost everyday. Drop in my blog.

CarolinPalestine said...

Assalaamu 'alaikum,
You can download overlays for Google Earth that give you highter resolution images. Go to this page
for one of Makka. I think the one posted by "Stingray" is the best one. There are several available, and also ones for Madina and al-Aqsa, tho that one is not as good quality.

Um Nour said...

Assalm alykom Carol:

Thanks for the Picture of Mecca. I had not found it by going on my tour. That is a great picture from the link. I will check out the other cities Inshallah.