Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Hud-Hud or Hoopoe Bird

Is it not an exquisite bird? This bird is called the Hud-Hud in Arabic and the Hoopoe in English. Do you know the significance of this bird to Islam? Well we all should know because it is tied to a fascinating story about the Prophet of Allah Suliman. Nowadays there is so much talk and popularity with sorcery and magic. Harry Potter has become the literary icon of our times. Parents are thrilled that their children are excited about reading because of these books. Well we as Muslim should be terrified to have our children read such evil. If magic is the rage of the times and doing unbelievable things are the excitement of our children, you do not have to go very far to find these exciting stories in Islam. The Story of Suliman is packed full of this kind of excitement. Did you know that Suliman could talk to and understand this beautiful bird Hud-Hud? Did you know that he could communicate and control many animals? He also employed and controlled the Jinns. He had them build him beautiful palaces with glass floors. Did you know that he controlled the wind and used it to help him travel? I encourage you as parents to instill in your children these stories. Steer them away from the evil stories that corrupt their minds. Here is a link for Suliman's story.

You can find other books for young children that have stories of the Prophets here:
For adults, it is recommend to purchase Ibn Kathir's Stories of the Prophets. This book is available at almost any Islamic bookstore.

Here is some other great information and pictures related to the Hud-Hud :


roofer said...
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Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaykum sisters,I know this is an old blog but I re read it and remembered my stay in Sharjah UAE.I would get up very early (before it was too hot,say 5-6am)and take the children to Majaz park to see the hud hud birds,they were usually solitary and we were always so excited to see them,they are beautiful,so foreign to what we are used to in the UK,subhanallah.

hiba said...

salam your post has really inspired me